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Application Procedures


(一)Introduction to CORD


Chinese Opera Research & Development Fund(CORD)



1.    Encourage and assist local Chinese opera practitioners and enthusiasts in the area of continuous research and theoretical development.

2.    Encourage and assist local Chinese opera practitioners and writers in the area of playwriting and composing.

3.    Encourage and assist Chinese opera groups and practitioners in training and development in terms of artistic skills.

4.    Encourage and assist in artistic and academic exchanges among Chinese opera groups locally and overseas.

This fundshall be administered by the Chinese Opera Institute (COI).


The Chinese opera institute aims to provide support to promote and encourage further research into the Chinese opera art form as well as capability improvement in terms of knowledge and skills in Chinese opera. 

Chinese opera groups and organisations and practicing artists who are keen to further into the area of research and skills upgrading will be eligible to apply for the Fund.

Continuous learning and development is critical for practicing Chinese opera artists in advancing their artistic practice, and for our scene to grow in depth and diversity especially in meeting the requirement of the unique Singapore multicultural environment.

Special attention will be given to the following areas that are identified as lacking or critical to the development of our local Chinese opera scene:

1.    Research into the historical development and current situation of Chinese opera types present in Singapore and/or artistic elements of Chinese opera.

2.    Creating of plays with local emphasis including script writing and/or opera music composition.

3.    Developing of new curriculum for the enrichment of our younger generation

4.    Improving skills of Chinese opera in education, working with communities and/or youth (e.g., facilitation and pedagogy) and arts management.

 The Chinese Opera Institute will review this list of priorities.


 COI supports Chinese opera R&D in the following ways:


1. Training Grant

a)    The training grantcan be applied for the upgrading of Chinese opera skills in various areas including but not limited to stage movements, water-sleeves, props techniques, singing and acting.

b)    Any organisation who applies for the grant shall not limit the training to only its members. It shall be open to any Chinese opera enthusiasts.  Nevertheless, if there is a need to categorise the learners the organisation shall be able to propose an audition process.

2. Research Grant

a)    The research grant is applicable to any research on Chinese opera related topics including historical development, theories, techniques, etc. of any genre of Chinese opera or in general.

b)    The funding may also be used to defray publication costs.

3. Content Development Grant

a)    The content development grantcan be applied for the purpose of development of content in Chinese opera including playwriting and music composition.

b)    Content so created shall be applicable and useful to the Singapore Chinese opera users, such as schools or other Chinese opera organisations.  Stories and legends with local characteristics shall be preferred choices.

c)    The Chinese Opera Institute shall co-share the Intellectual Property Rights of the developed content with the applicant.


Overview of the CORD Fund


This fundsupports training activities that span no more than 6 months.1

1 If your activity has multiple editions (e.g., training that involves different participants each edition, or has the same participant(s) progressing through increasingly advanced levels of training) or spans more than 6 months (e.g., an 9-month continuous training course), we will assess the learning outcome and potential of your activity at the end of its first edition or 6 months, whichever is earlier, before determining whether COI will continue funding your training.

If you are a Chinese opera ORGANISATION, this fundcan support training activities that develop and upgrade your staff, engage and develop new talent for your organisation.

If you are an INDIVIDUAL Chinese opera practitioner or academia,this fundcan support your research or content development undertaking as well as publication.


Level of Funding Support

This fundsupports up to 50% of a realistic budget.2Our supportable costs and funding varies by applicant type as shown in the tableClick here to view 

The first step in preparing a good budget is to identify your project’s needs and understand how much they would cost. We encourage you to work out a realistic budget that demonstrates your understanding of costs and needs. An unrealistic, over-inflated budget will not necessarily guarantee more funding, and may have the counter-productive effect of casting doubt on the soundness of your overall proposal.


Training Cost and Fees

The Training Grant can help to offset the cost and fees related to your training activity, based on:

 - the extent to which you meet the grant objectives and criteria,

 - a reasonable estimate of your budget, and 

 - COI’s availability of funds. 


Examples of some common costs and fees for training include:

 - course fees and materials, 

 - cost of engaging trainers,

 - airfare and lodging of overseas trainers.



You can apply for the Chinese Opera Research & Development Fundas an ORGANISATION or as anINDIVIDUAL. The fundis open to:

1. Organisations whose core business is related to Chinese opera and which are either registered with ACRA (including Private Limited Company / sole proprietorship / limited liability partnership (LLP) / Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG)) or a society with the Registry of Societies at the time of application.

2. Individuals who are Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents (PRs), residing in Singapore and actively contributing to the local Chinese opera arts scene.

You should also have a strong and positive track record of involvement in the Chinese opera arts scene or possess relevant professional qualifications, and be able to demonstrate commitment to the long-term development of Chinese opera in Singapore.

If you had previously applied and been granted funding under this fund, you must have satisfactorily discharged your duties and set requirements.

* If you require more information on the Fund, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


(二)Notes to Applicants


Submission of application for the CORD Fund

You can download the application form and budget form at www.coi.org.sg 

Please email your application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alternatively, you can mailyour application / support materials in one package to:

The Chinese Opera Institute


No. 2 Allenby Road #05-01

Singapore 209973

or         deliver your application personally at our above mentioned address from

Monday through Friday, 10 am – 12 pm or 2 pm – 5 pm. 


Before sending out your application, check to make sure you have enclosed the following: 

  • CORD Application Form
  • CVs of Key Parties Involved
  • Write-up on Research & Development Activity / Programme
  • Budget Form


Application/Appeal Deadlines

The CORD fundwill be assessed four times a year. Please ensure that your application reach us by the cut-off dates.  Please note that post event shall not be considered click here to view

All applications will be treated with strict confidence. Your lead applicant may be contacted if we need more information. Your application will either be assessed by an internal team or by a combination of internal and external assessors. External assessors, if engaged, comprise experts and practitioners who will evaluate and comment on eligible applications based on the given criteria. Likewise, our assessment panels are bound by non-disclosure agreements before reviewing your proposals.


Our assessment will be guided by the following criteria, which are equally weighted:

1. Extent to which the proposed area of professional development meets an industry gap.

2. Extent to which proposed activity produces outcomes that meet the local Chinese opera scene.

3. Potential to contribute to Singapore’s Chinese opera arts scene.


If you are awarded the applied grant underthe CORD Fund

Congratulations! You will receive a Letter of Offer that includes:

 - Terms & Conditions of the grant 

 - Training or research and development goals and targets as agreed upon by you and COI

The fund offer will be valid for two weeks from the time the letter of notification is sent out (unless we write to you to state otherwise). If you do not accept the offer within this period, the offer will lapse.

Unsuccessful applicants will receive a Letter of Notification within the same period. All appeals will also have to be submitted within 2 weeks of the notification of results. 


Disbursement of fund

Depending on the grant quantum, your grant will be credited to you or your organisation’s recognised bank account in two or three tranches, as summarised in the table belowclick here to view


After project completion

You are required to submit a project report comprising a self-evaluation accompanied by a statement of accounts.3  For research and content development work, COI may appoint an external assessor/panel to assess the accuracy and artistic standards. There is a template of self-evaluation and statement of accounts for your completion.

3 COI may request for receipts and invoices to verify your submitted statement of accounts.

For training grant, we shall require a written report, supplemented by any materials you wish to share, such as photos and videos.

For research and content development, we require the submission of your completed work complete with all necessary photographs and supplementary materials for the assessment by our appointed external assessor/panel. Submission maybe in printable softcopy ifappropriate.

If you wish to adopt a different format to express yourself, do discuss this with us!


(三)Application Form Click here to download

(四)Budget Form Click here to download

(五)FAQClick here to view