Singapore Chinese Opera Research & Development Fund (CORD)
The Chinese Opera Institute (COI) launched the “Singapore Chinese Opera Research & Development Fund” (CORD) at 20 February 2014. Since established, the CORD Fund has received a total of $418,500 donations from public and organisations. COI has applied to Cultural Matching Fund (CMF) for the 1-to-1 matching of CORD Fund.
COI will make full good use of CORD Fund to encourage local Chinese Opera practitioners and enthusiasts to preserve and promote this traditional arts form. The application to CORD Fund will be announced in next quarter of the year.
COI would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the donors for their generosity’s donation, especially KMP Properties Pte Ltd ($200,000.00), Overseas Movie Pte Ltd ($100,000.00) and council members of Singapore Futsing Association. 
CORD Fund is open for application in August 2014.