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The Chinese Opera Institute presents Huangmei Opera"The Lotus Lantern."at Golden Theater on 2nd March 2013.

"The Lotus Lantern"

San Sheng Mu was a kind and beautiful goddess who saved the life of Liu Yan Chang, a mortal scholar. The two fell in love and had a son, Chen Xiang.San Sheng Mu's elder brother, Er Lang Shen, found out about their romance and led the Heavenly Brigade in pursuit of the family. During this time of peril, San Sheng Mu gave the Lotus Lantern to Yan Chang to protect him and their son. Soon she was captured and pinned beneath Mount Hua. Thereafter, Chen Xiang was saved by the deity Pi Li and brought along with him for training. Yan Chang then hid in a small village making a meager living.

Sixteen years later, Chen Xiang has grown up with mysterious powers and martial arts. However, these powers begin to attract the attention of Er Lang Shen and Xiao Tian Quan. They traced and found Yan Chang and Chen Xiang. After a great fight, Yan Chang told his son the story of their forbidden past. After learning of his mother's imprisonment at the hands of his uncle, Chen Xiang sets out on a journey to rescue her.


The Bedok Community Centre and The Chinese Opera Institute: Hokkien Opera Gala Show"Xue Gang- The Fire of Youth" at Kallang Theater on 05th August 2013.

"Xue Gang- The Fire of Youth"

XUE GANG, the son of Xue Dingshan and the grandson of Xue Rengui, a well-known general of the Tang dynasty, who has a fiery temperament and detests all sorts of evil, offended a powerful high ranking official Zhang Tian Zuo. Xue Gang was involved in a fight with Zhang's son Zhang Bao on the day of the lantern festival on the 15th day of the New Year in order to save a young lady and accidentally injured second prince Li Qi in the imperial lantern viewing pavilion. Zhang Bao intended to shift the blame to Xue Gang, killed Li Qi, second Prince of the Emperor. Emperor Gao Zong heard the commotion while viewing the lanterns on the pavilion and went over to the edge to check. Empress Wu Ze Tian pushed the emperor down and the emperor fell to his death. Xue Gang and his family became the scapegoat and Empress Wu Ze Tian made it an excuse to get rid of her rivals.

To get to her ulterior motive to seize full control power, Wu Ze Tian demoted her newly crowned son Emperor Zhong Zong and declared herself to be the'Emperor'. She changed the regime to Da Zhou Dynasty and created the first female'Emperor' in China history.

Xu Ce, a loyal official, in order to save the Xue whole family from execution, bore the pain of giving up his own son to exchange his own son with Xue family's baby.

Unexpectedly, Xue Gang was saved by Cheng Yaojin and arrived at Wo Long Mountains where he met his wife-to-be Ji Luanying, the daughter of the Chief of Tribe of Wo Long Mountains and entered into a marriage. Unfortunately, the imperial army wiped out the tribe in hot pursuit of arresting Xue Gang.

Xue Gang had no choice but to return to the capital and went to the tomb of his family to pay his respect. He was amnushed by the army sent by Wu Ze Tian...